Friday, August 29, 2008

Weekly Email #8 - Last One from Provo!

Elder Cloward leaves for Chile on Tuesday! They leave the MTC at 10 and their flight leaves Salt Lake Airport around 1. They then have about a 5 hour layover in Texas, and then fly to Santiago around 9 and arrive around 8 am on Wednesday, September 3.

Here are this week's MTC highlights:

"Yesterday in the R.C. (referral center, where people call in after they see church ads for free copies of the Book of Mormon, etc.) this man called in and asked for someone who speaks Spanish. I looked to the teacher in the room and asked him to talk to the man, and he said, "No, you do it. You speak Spanish." So I was slightly terrified at that moment. But it went pretty well. The man was actually trying to call his cable company, but he accepted a Book of Mormon and a visit from the Missionaries, so that was cool. I just kept saying, "es un libro gratís" over and over again and he accepted."

"I'm already 1/12 of the way there (done with the mission)! That was easy, wasn't it? just have to do that 11 more times, in a foreign country, and in a foreign language. Doesn't sound too tough to me. I know that with the help of my Savior I can do it! My favorite scripture from the B.O.M. is 1 Ne. 21:14-16, and it just helps me to know that our savior is always thinking of us and loves us more than we can ever comprehend."

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