Monday, April 13, 2009

Pascua (Easter) en Parque Subercaseaux

"We haven´t done the egg fight yet, but I bought eggs this morning and we shall boil them and dye them and fight. I will send pics next week.

"That is so cool about Aaron and Ryan, tell them I said congratulations and they are coming to a great country. I don´t know much about Concepción, just that it´s a little bit to the south of Santiago and is basically just a smaller version of Santiago. The east mission is supercuico (really rich or upperclass) especially the sector Las Condes. I have heard that there are a ton of members there and all of there chapels are huge and actually have more than 50 to 60 people there every week. I will also have the chance of seeing Aaron if we just so happen to be in the office at the same time. I will at least be able to see his foto there, since they show all of missionaries from the east and west mission in the office. I think the north mission uses a different building. (P.S. tell Aaron and Ryan that I can still tell them apart! I opened the pic that Cara sent me before reading the email and knew immediately that Aaron was the one reading the call, then I zoomed in and could read his name on the envelope. I know they will both make great missionaries, and they will love Chile.)

"We have a noche de hogar with the Araya family tonight and we are going to use the Easter egg game with them. (ask Rebecca if you want to see this game) They are all members, the mom and two daughters are active but the dad is not. They were at the point of being sealed as a family but the dad fought with someone in the church and they then went inactive. Now the wife and daughters are attending church but he still isn´t. I am hoping that we can help him reacitivate and get sealed to his family.

"Eduardo and Paula canceled the lesson again because they had more meetings, we have another appt with them tomorrow but I don´t know if that will go through either. We are having more progress with Liliana (the woman from the elevator) and her daughter Natalia. This Wednesday I went on divisions with Elder Walker in Departamental and Elder Mawhinney came here with Elder Carpenter. They taught Liliana the first lesson, and one of the young married couples in our ward went with them to the lesson, since they live in the same apartment building.

"Well I think that is all for now, we have to get back to the pension so we can have our egg fights! Thanks for the package, I already gave the one bag of m&m´s to Flia. Guerrero and they were so excited. April 10th was the birthday of Isabel, gaby´s mom, and Carol, gaby´s aunt. Apparently they were born the same day, 3 years apart. They were very excited to get the candy and said thank you and they can´t wait to meet you when you come here."

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