Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Semana 9 en Rosal II

"So this week has been rather eventful. On Tuesday we went to
changes and Elder Mcbee left. I came back to my sector with Elder
Hamm (another elder that is training this change) and we worked
here. Then Wednesday morning we went to the temple, then we went
to the mission home and ate lunch with our greenies. My comp is
Elder Cannon. He is from Logan, Utah, and he`s like a professional
painter and plays soccer really well. He`s a really cool guy.

"So Wednesday we came back to the sector and worked. Rafael has
been sick but Gaspar is getting better. The only problem is that now
Emilio doesn't want to get baptized. He was really excited to do it,
but then he told his dad and grandma he was going to get baptized in
the mormon church and they got mad at him. So now he is afraid to. We
are trying to help him do what is right. His mom Yoala and Rafael are
helping us too.

"Liliana is doing well. She came to church again yesterday and wants
to get baptized. Yesterday the traveling assitants came to our sector
to do divisions with Elder Cannon and I. We went to Liliana (all four
of us together) and tried to convince her to not get baptized in a river,
that she will feel just as spiritual in a baptismal font. It was fun
teaching with those two guys. I`ve never taught a lesson with four
missionaries together before. I think we convinced her though. She wants
to get baptized, but really wants to do it in a river. She might have to
talk to President Jones. We`ll see.

"Pedro and Cristina are doing well. They didn`t come to church yesterday
and I don`t really know why. We`ll see though. Pedro still wants to be
baptized so that`s good news. We still haven`t seen Susana Mella in forever.
I don`t know what`s going on with her. Every time we go by her house she
isn`t there. And when I call she says she can't meet with us today and
she`ll call us tomorrow and then she never calls. The end.

"Pamela is doing well. She just has to change her yoga class so she can come
to church. Fan Fan is still there. we haven`t seen him since Elder Mcbee
left though. That is about all."

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