Sunday, November 29, 2009

Feliz Dia de Gracias!

Dear family,
So here`s a cool story: I went to the coast! We had zone conference on Wednesday. one of the hermano`s from Isla de Maipo (one of the sectors in our zone) took all 14 of the missionaries in his van to San Antonio (the sector where Elder Butterfield was born). The sad part is that we didn`t get to see the coast. The chapel wasn`t on the coast like I thought it was. San Antonio is really pretty though, it`s like a city built on a bunch of hills.
The investigators have progressed a lot this week, despite some challenges that they have had. For example, Nicolas broke up with Ana on Friday. Elder Butròn was really mad at him, because it is really hard for Ana to feel the spirit when they keeping breaking up and getting back together. The good news is that Ana came to church anyway yesterday, even though she broke up with Nico.
Margarita and Daniela had to go to San Antonio this weekend for Margarita`s mom`s birthday, but next Sunday they should come.
We also had a good experience with permaneced this past week. Our branch president gave us a list of 20 names of inactive members to visit, and we were able to visit 18 of the 20 addresses, but sadly of those 18 we were not able to teach permaneced a single time. (due to addresses that don`t exist, peolpe moving 10 years ago, etc.). But yesterday Elder Butròn and I went to do a follow up visit with Dania, an hermana that we had taught Permanaced to a couple weeks back. We went by her house and her younger brother Màximo answered the door and said that Dania wasn`t home, but invited us to come in anyway. He then told us that he was also baptized about 10 years ago (he`s 19 now) with his sister, so we taught him permaneced. What`s funny is that we had already visited Dania 3 times and we had never seen Màximo before, we didn`t even know she had a brother. After the lesson, Màximo commited to come to church yesterday. We went to pick him up and he stayed for all 3 hours. He has an interview with the branch president on Tuesday! we are excited to see his progress. we really need more priesthood holders here so that the church can grow.

1. I got the package on Wednesday. Elder Butròn got excited when he saw the tree and wanted to put it up, but I told him it is better to wait until after we have changes (changes are december 8). We are hoping that we will stay together for another change, but we`ll see what happens with that. I just don`t want to tape everything up and then get changed to another sector.
2. I haven`t seen any protestors. The only thing I can tell you are that the Chilean presidential elections are coming up in December, and they only have elections every 6 years so it`s kind of a big deal. But everybody`s calm about it. They are just campaigning a lot.
4. I have two bags because the other one is my bag I take on divisions. when I got to Talagante Elder Butròn and I had a meeting in Santiago early Friday morning, so Thursday night we traveled to Temple Square and slept in the MTC and mission home.
5. In our chapel there are two different branches, Talagante and Cordillera. the sister missionaries from Cordillera teach the english class Saturday mornings. so that way Elder Butron and I have time for service and other things. Although we were considering starting a piano lesson class. I`m not exactly professional, (very far from it) but I can teach some basic steps. The only problem is that there is only one piano and it would be kind of hard to teach a group.
6. There are a few sectors that use bikes (3 in our zone, a couple sectors in the coast too) because the sectors are so big that it takes literally hours to walk from one end to the other.

Well I hope you all have a great week!
Love you and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner!
Elder Cloward

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