Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Semana 6 en Rivas Vicuña

"So as you might have noticed it is Tuesday,not Monday. We had pday today because there are cambios (changes) this week. Last night we received a call telling us if we had cambios or not. Thankfully, I am staying here for another 6 weeks, as is Elder Butterfield. We don't want to leave because all of the families we are teaching are so great. I know if I get moved then that is where the Lord needs me, but for now I am glad to still be here.

"The baptism was great! It was amazing how different Eduardo was, he just jumped right in and did it. yay! So yeah that went well and I also got to baptize Michelle! It was really hard though because the water was really low. I kind of threw her down. I think I scared her a little bit. Well at least she always remember her baptism. haha. But yeah I wasnt expecting to do the baptism because the bishop had priests assigned to do it, but by 7:00 when the service was supposed to start one of the priests still wasn't there so the bishop told me to get dressed and do it. The only problem was that I had only brought my pants and white tie to give to the priest to wear since he didn´t have any, but I didn´t bring extra garments or an extra white shirt since I wasnt expecting to do the baptism. So after I baptized Michelle I was in the bathroom for about 20 minutes wringing out my clothes to dry them, and Abraham's dad, Hermano Rossi, was handing me paper towels to dry myself off. haha good times. And Josseline and Michelle started going to seminary this week. It is Tuesday through Thursday from 8 to 9:30. It is really cool to see converts going to seminary and mutual and enjoying it. yay!

"Javiera had the baby last Monday the 6th. He is a stud, and is perfectly healthy, as is his mom. We went over to their house to teach like 3 times this week and we took pictures too. They are all very happy together.

"We are still teaching the Garcia family. Carlos still wants to get baptized but Daniela and Marta still don't. But Daniela and Carlos went to church on Sunday, which was good. And Daniela wants to go to mutual this friday. Marta is kind of losing interest though. She is making up the weirdest excuses to not go to church, such as Camila (her 1 year old daughter) bumping her head and wanting to stay home (we saw Camilla and there was not a bruise on her head and she seemed perfectly fine) and she would not let Carlos or Daniela go to the baptism Sunday night because Carlos ´needed´a haircut. I know those things could have waited and we are sure that there must be another reason why she doesnt want to go to church or read her Book of Mormon. I think she is just afraid of change. She beleives its true though. We watched the restoration video with them and after asked them if they believed that Joseph had really seen the vision and they all said yes, so we told them if that is true than this is the only true church. But I am glad that Carlos is being a good example to his family. I think they just need time.

"Sometimes the people that are ready to accept the gospel are the people that seem the least likely. Like yesterday we had a really good contact with this family that was sitting outside together all smokiing. It turns out that the mom's cousin is a missionary right now and we have an appointment to teach them tomorrow."

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