Monday, October 20, 2008

Semana 7 en Rivas Vicuña

This week's email is pretty short and sweet, but we did get some more photos!

"Vicente´s parents (Javiera and Christian) have not gotten married yet but we talked to Christian on saturday and he said they are going to go soon in the next few weeks so that she can get baptized before Elder Butterfield or I leave at the end of this change. yay! They are seriously my favorite people here. You will have to meet them someday. We also confirmed Eduardo and Michelle this week. We are still teaching Carlos, Daniela and Marta but they are not really progressing. Carlos still wants to get baptized but we are not going to baptize him without his sister and mom because he wont go to church without them. So we will see what happens this week."

Vicente and Javiera
Elder Cloward getting his shoes shined in Estación Central by an anti-Mormon (Elder Cloward tried giving him a pass along card and he started tearing into the church. It was interesting to say the least. Nice guy though)
Elder Cloward building a shelf out of the card board boxes they get the Books of Mormon in (still a little bit of the engineer in him!)
Invitation to Michelle and Eduardo's baptisms

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