Tuesday, July 15, 2008

MTC Pictures!

Through a series of unfortunate events (well, only one unfortunate event) Elder Cloward was without a camera charger when he entered the MTC. Being the accomodating sisters we are, Cara gave him her camera and I gave him my batteries and charger (since Cara and I have the same kind of camera, it was a perfect fit). Mom has since shipped up the right charger, so Elder Cloward mailed the camera, charger and batteries back to me. Why is this important? Because that means we got some pictures from his first week in the MTC!!!

(I have no idea who these other people are, so forgive the lack of captions.)

(I'm guessing Elder Low's ankle)

Typical "Matrix" shot using the ironing board. Too bad Elder Cloward's not in it!

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