Monday, July 7, 2008

We got a letter!

We got our first letter today! By "we" I mean the family in La Mirada, but Cara was kind enough to read it to me over the phone. Here's what's going on with Elder Cloward:

His companion, Elder Low, is from Canada and likes to say "eh." He's also the district leader, which means he and Elder Cloward get to pick up mail twice a day. Elder Cloward likes that part.

Half of Elder Cloward's district is going to Santiago. He and two others are going to Santiago West, and Elder Low and two others are going to Santiago North. The rest of his district is going to either Spain or Guatemala.

Elder Cloward's three years of LMHS Spanish is coming back to him. He learned how to pray in Spanish and everyone thinks it's cool that he has a sister whose name means "expensive face." (That would be Cara.)

He's seen Elders Justin Bennett, Michael Scott, Eric Gibbs, and a few others I don't remember. Yay for having friends in the MTC!

He can't wear pink ties or his lapel pin. Lame on both counts, I say. That lapel pin is sweet.

He's having a great time though and we're so glad!

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Jordan Goodson said...

Thanks for the update! Sounds like a lot of fun to be had, unless you get roofed by Michael while playing volleyball. Cousin Jordan feels bad he wasn't at the farewell, but wants Elder Cloward to know he cares about him and looks forward to writing him in Spanish. "Hasta Luego," says Jordan with a thick greengo accent that hopefully will be gone before Elder Cloward returns home.