Thursday, July 10, 2008

Weekly Email #1

We got our first email from Elder Cloward! He included a tidbit for Bishop Thompson to read to the La Mirada Ward on Sunday, but here are a few other highlights:

-They can already pray and speak in Spanish!

-Yesterday they went to the RC (referral center) and made some phone calls. (The referral center is the place people send their contact information to if they want to know more about the Church. It's great practice for being on a mission.) Elder Cloward said, "I was really scared to talk to real people, but I think it went pretty well."

-They also went to the TRC yesterday (teaching resource center, where volunteers pretend to be investigators and ask the missionaries-in-training questions about the Church). They taught a 30-minute lesson on the restoration of the gospel to a volunteer. Next week they are supposed to be able to give the full lesson in Spanish!

-He's still playing volleyball (of course!) but, sadly, his companion Elder Low sprained his ankle playing volleyball on Tuesday. Two other elders in their district did as well. So now 1/4 of their district is a little crippled. They should be better soon, though!

-Since the Provo temple is closed, they got to go up to the Mount Timpanogos temple today! (That's right next to my/Janessa's/ office, and I'm sad I didn't know what time because I definitely would have tried to meet up with him, even though I know it's against the rules.) Anyway, that temple is gorgeous, don't you think?

Well, that's all for this week! Elder Cloward sends his love and thanks everyone for their love and support.

Hasta luego!

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