Monday, January 5, 2009

Last Semana en Los Arcos

"I have changes tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! ah!!! so I am going to hacer como un àrbol y hoja. (make like a tree and leaf hahaha...) which really just is not funny in Spanish. So tomorrow I will go to the chapel at 9 in the morning and they will tell me where in the world I will be going. could be a fun experience. Elder Becerra is going to stay here with a new companion. However, I won`t know where I am going, who will be my companion, or any other of the details of my life for the next 6 weeks until tomorrow morning. I will let you know where I am next week in my email.

"Last week we set a date for Katy`s baptism, for the 31st of January. She and Erick are getting married the 30th and she will be baptized the next day, and confirmed the day after (assuming that everything goes well). For new years eve we ate dinner with Familia Cancino. The mom is separated and lives with her daughter, Maria Jose (19) and her son Ignacio (10) they are all really active and a great family. Her oldest son is about to finish his mission in Argentina Buenos Aires North in 9 more days and she is really nervous haha. but for new years eve we got home the same time as always, 10:30 and got to stay up until 12:00. At midnight they cut our power and set off fireworks outside, which we could not see because they were behind our apartment.

"We are still teaching Fernando, Angel, and Angela (kind of). Fernando already read the entire Book of Mormon, and he and his dad are coming to church every week. The only problem is that we can never get into their house to teach. We need to teach them about baptism and set a date but it is kind of hard if we can`t enter their house. But that is Elder Becerra`s responsability now. We have a cita with Katy and Erick tonight so I will have to say goodbye. There will be tears. haha probably not but I just hope everything goes well with them."

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