Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Semana 2 en Parque Subercaseaux

"This Saturday we had a zone conference with Elder Zeballos of the Seventy, who talked to us about the importance of `raising the bar`and doing our best in the mission, etc. His son (also named Elder Zeballos... what a coincidence) is serving in this mission so when we ate lunch he ate with his parents. The conference was in the chapel in Los Arcos, and Fernando came to give me a letter since I didn't get to say bye to him. It was slightly awkward though because he came while Elder Zevallos was speaking and was waving to me from the doors to the chapel and then from the windows from outside, but I couldn`t leave because there was a general authority speaking. good times.

"After the conference we left in a rush to get to the baptism for Maria at 5:00. The power failed in the subway right before we got to our last stop, which was pretty entertaining, but it came back in about 5 minutes. The baptism turned out very well and Maria was confirmed yesterday.

"The other elders don`t speak English, but that is cool I have gotten used to the lack of English speaking. Elder Krainik is still in the same sector so we are still in the same zone. I see Elder Butterfield every once in a while in zone conferences, and see Elder Becerra a lot since he is in my zone. He says everyone is doing well and Katy is still on track for her baptism on the 31st.

"Today we went bowling for a zone activity and Elder Low was there! It was great to see him again. He is already senior companion and his junior comp is Elder Leathem (you don`t know him, but he was in our zone in the mtc!) They are doing great and are right next to the airport. I will send pictures.

"There is another family that we are starting to teach. Their names are Luis and Rosario, and they have two sons, Antonio (5) and Fernando (2). They just got married about two months ago and Rosario told us they are having a lot of problems. She said everyone told her that when she got married her problems would go away, but now she has more. We haven`t talked to the two of them together, just once we talked to Rosario and yesterday we went by and her husband Luis was there. He said he has never accepted Jesus in his life before but thinks that now might be the time. They are both really good people and i know they can work out their problems if they both accept the gospel, but we will see what happens."

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