Monday, January 12, 2009

Semana 1 en Parque Subercaseaux

"Yes, that is the name of my new sector. Very French.

"So I got transfered, but I am only about four metro-stops farther north from where I was, and I am still in the same zone, La Gran Avenida. Our sector is pretty cuico (rich/classy) and there are a ton of apartment buildings, which makes it hard to make contacts/knock doors, but I really like the sector.

"My new companion is Elder Luis Angel Noguera. He is from northern Argentina, only four blocks from Brazil, so he is fluent in both Portugues and Spanish, and is also studying English because he wants to be a pilot (he also secretly wants to be a gringo). He is a black belt in martial arts and has had some problems in the past with fighting with missionaries and/or contacts in the street. He is honestly a great missionary and works very hard and he is helping me to learn how to listen to the spirit more, since I tend to rely on myself too much. He will finish his mission in March (he was going to finish in February but extended). He is the oldest of six boys, and the only member in his whole family.

"We have a baptism coming up this next Saturday. Her name is Maria Marìn. She starting taking the discussions because first her niece, Valentina, then her sister, Claudia, got baptized. She is 63 years old and has been single her whole life. We are also teaching Maria Eugenia, about 50 years old. She starting taking the discussions because her son, Sebastian, was baptized about two years ago. The date for her baptism is the same day as Katy's (the 31st of January) but we are kind of worried because she left this Saturday on vacation and won't come back until next Saturday. We are hoping and praying that she will still have the desire to be baptized when she gets back, because a lot of times people get back from vacations and lose interest.

"There is a family in our ward that had missionaries living in their house for ten years and they are really cool. The dad is the ward mission leader, the mom is the Relief Society president, one of their daughters is the primary president and her husband is the first counselor in the ward, and their other daughter is one of the counselors for relief society. The daughter that is married has two daughters, and one is 3 and the other 4 months. The 3 year old, Gabriela, likes to tickle me a lot and she also likes to try talking very expressively (using her hands, making gestures, etc) but no one can understand her because she doesn't make any sense when she talks haha. I told them you were sending me a package and I asked if they wanted anything. They said they want Twizzlers, m & m`s, and Mint flavored orbit gum, the kind that comes in sticks, not the kind that you pop out of foil wrapper. Oddly specific I know, but if you could find it I would appreciate it because this family does a ton for us. The mom reminds me of Mom very much, especially in the way that she talks to her 4 month old granddaughter. She is exactly the same as mom is when she is talking to a baby.

"We live in a pension that is just outside of our sector. Every day we have to cross the freeway on one of those walking bridges. We can see Cerro San Cristobal, it is in the foto I sent. We live with two other elders, Elder Fuentes from Honduras and Elder Jambo from Peru. So there is some basic info about my new sector I will let you know more next week. Love you all!"

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