Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cumpleanos y Semana 4 en Rosal II

"I had a great birthday! This whole week has been great, in fact. I am not sure if I told you, but in the stake we are in the hermanas have an annual volleyball tournament. I mentioned to the bishop that I had played for four years in high school, so he asked me if I could help out the hermanas and train them in volleyball. So we have a weekly service activity with the hermanas where I teach them how to pass, serve, hit, etc. We usually do it on Saturday, but this week they did it on my birthday since it was a holiday and nobody worked.

"The activity at the temple was also great. The temple president, Pres. Lyon, gave us a tour of the temple. It was great to go there again. It`s almost been 9 months since I`ve been.

"Felipe`s baptism on Saturday was great. He had the ward mission leader, Hermano Costa, do the baptism. Our ward mission leader is a really great guy and he helps us a lot with the work here. The only problem is that Felipe wasn`t confirmed yesterday because he got there after the sacrament and apparently the bishop wants him to be confirmed before the sacrament is passed. Oh well next week they will do it. The baptism was great though, especially because 5 investigators came to watch Felipe be baptized, one of them is the woman that cuts our hair, Liliana. She is progressing really well, trying to find a different job so she doesn`t have to work on Sunday. She came to church yesterday. She told us though that she wants to be baptized in a river. So we will see about that. Last night when we went by her house, her neighbor was there and we talked to her. She said that her 27 year old son passed away 9 months ago and she is still angry with God. We tried to help her and teach her about the plan of salvation, but she couldn`t really accept it. She said she wished that she had the faith that we have. We are going to try to visit her next Sunday if she lets us."

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