Monday, May 18, 2009

Semana 3 en Rosal II

"I am excited for my bday (even though it will just be a normal day for us) but it`ll be fun. I will enjoy blowing up the balloons and then popping them after haha. I am not sure if I ever told you, but my birthday is a national holiday here in Chile. It is called "Dìa de la batalla naval de iquique" apparently 100-and-something years ago on May 21st there was a "battle" between Chile and Peru, but there were only two boats involved. And the Chileans lost... but somehow Chile celebrates it as a holiday, even though they lost. So no one will be working on my b-day or going to school, so that`s kinda cool.

"Elder Mcbee and I are having a good time together. We are teaching a lot of good people. Fan-Fan (the Haitian) wasn`t able to come to church these last two weeks, since his work is requiring to take a two month Spanish course (which of course meets only Saturdays and Sundays in the morning) so he will not be baptized for a while. Another really good investigator that we are teaching is named Felipe. He is 19 years old, and he is going to be baptized this Saturday. He used to have really long hair but we took him to get it cut a few days back. He also stopped smoking so that he could be baptized. He has a good chance of being a future missionary, so after his baptism we are going to have him come out and teach with us to feel the mission spirit and what not. I will be sure to send you pics from his baptism this Saturday. Please pray with me that everything will go well with his baptism, the adversary always works really hard on people right before they get baptized. We are also teaching Susana and her two daughters, Fernanda (13) and Catalina (10). The missionaries started teaching her a while ago, because her sister Claudia is a recent convert to the church and sent the reference. Susana is passing through a hard time right now because she found out about three months ago that her husband (the father of her daughters) was cheating on her. So she kicked him out of the house and they are working on the divorce papers. She said that she feels peaceful and calm when we teach her and a special feeling always seems to stay in her house after we leave, which was really cool to hear. The biggest challenge with her will be leaving alcohol, and also coming to church. She got really sick with the flu or something and hasn`t been able to come lately. The good thing is that she is accepting everything that we teach her, which can be hard for people. Her sister Claudia helps her a ton, since she is usually there in the lessons with us."

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