Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Special Transfer to 5 de Abril

"So I`ve got some pretty interesting news...I had special changes again! Long story short, the assistants called me Wednesday night and said that Thursday at 4 I would have to be read to leave. So I packed everything up, had enough time to say bye to Flia Guerrero, Flia Araya, and Flia Marìn, then Elder Carpenter and I got in the van with the assistants and we arrived to my new sector. Which is...........(drumroll, please)...........Rosal II! So I am back in 5 de Abril, which was the same stake that I started the mission in, but I am in a different ward. It is so cool to be back in this part of Chile, I like it better here than La Cisterna and San Miguel. We are in Maipù (my-poo haha) and the computer that I am sitting at right now is the same one that I used to email you about 8 months ago. Weird huh. p.s. it is also super really really cold now. It changed in like a week. It might also be the sector that is colder. But now we go out to the sector we go with gloves and scarves. And when I say we I mean me and my new companion........(drumroll please)............Elder Michael Bryant McBee. We are getting along really well. He is from Florida, but his mom is Peruvian, so he speaks Spanish and English perfectly. He also speaks French, since he learned it in school. He went to Harvard and U Penn. so he is way smart and stuff, which is cool. We have a few guys that we are teaching from Haiti, in the Carribean Islands, and they are black and speak French and only a little bit of Spanish and English. So Elder McBee teaches them in French and I just sit there trying to understand. It is actually very similar to English and Spanish, but the accent is hard to do. The Haitian`s names are Fan-Fan, Billy, and Reuben. Billy is a member of the church. Fan-Fan and Reuben are investigators, and Fan-Fan has a baptismal date coming up. This ward is huge. There are about 240 people that come to church each week, and there are two companionships of missionaries in the ward, Elder McBee and I, and Sister Ortega (from Argentina) and Sister Supelano (from Colombia). I just like it here a lot though because it reminds me so much of my first sector in Rivas Vicuña.

"I don`t really know too much about how things are in Parque Subercaseuax, since I am not there anymore...we talked to Liliana on Wednesday about baptism, but she said she didn`t feel comfortable about it, so we explained it a lot and it was apparent that we would have to re-teach the restoration. So hopefully Elder Carpenter and Elder Stevensen will do a good job of explaining that. Elder Carpenter and I also found a new family last Tuesday, and they invited us to their house for a bbq Friday (labor day) and since we didn`t have a lunch planned we said it was okay. I wonder how that went... hopefully well."

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